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Welcome to the Skateboard category : find here all the complete skates and accessories for mounting your board: decks, trucks, wheels, bearings and grips. If you need more information, check out our buying help guides or contact us at the OUTSIDE Skateshop.


Skateboard deck (or skate deck): the deck is the wooden board on which the trucks and wheels are fixed

Trucks: the trucks are the metal axles on which the wheels are mounted, via bearings

Wheels: Skateboard wheels can greatly change the feeling on your board depending on their characteristics.

Bearings: the bearings are the parts that go up in the wheels and which ensure a good glide on the skate.


The SKATEBOARD category brings together all the articles related to Skateboarding, to start with a mounted board, or to create your custom-made skateboard from the different accessories: deck, trucks, wheels, bearing and grip.

Find our wide selection of skateboards. Here you will find skateboard decks from all brands, American and European, like Powell Peralta, Jart, Santa Cruz, Girl, Creature, Baker, Globe, Enjoi, REAL, Almost, Chocolate, Element, Primitive, Toy Machine, Anti-Hero , Pizza, Flip, Baker, etc... Opt for a nude deck and customize it with our trucks, bearings and wheels or simplify your life by directly choosing a complete skateboard, particularly suitable for beginner skateboarders.

Complete skateboards are particularly suitable for beginners who want to start without breaking the bank with a balanced and inexpensive setup. Most complete skateboards are offered at prices below 100 euros, for recognized skateboard brands.

For others, all accessories are available as spare parts. For those who have broken their deck or their trucks or for those who want to make a unique custom-made skateboard. The biggest skate brands are present at the store.

For your wheels, opt for the best with the essential Spitfire, Bones tops, or inexpensive wheels from Jart or Globe. All styles of skaters, for park, bowl or street, and all sizes.

Same story for the trucks with only the top of the top and the whole range from Independent, Venture, Tensor, Film and Industrial. Again, the shop offers all sizes, and all finishes, including the "Hollow" truck with hollow axle and kingpin.

And to pimp your skateboard down to the smallest detail, we offer you an increasingly wide choice of grips. From classic black to transparent, including colored grips and personalized grips. What to make a unique board!

If you still have a doubt about the choice of your skateboard to make your purchase or if you want to see more material, you can come and visit us at the OUTSIDE store in Aix-en-Provence and benefit from the advice of our sellers!

For more information on choosing your skateboard before you buy, check out our skateboard buying guides.



Take advantage of our great experience in online sales:

12 years that we have been there!


Benefit from the advice of our skaters - sellers

by phone, email or at the store


Support a French company on a human scale

that changes the world on a daily basis :)


The OUTSIDE Skateshop store is located 5 minutes from downtown Aix-en-Provence and 30km from Marseille.

If you're in the area, why not drop by and say hello!

Come and discover one of the biggest skateshops in Europe and hundreds of references from the biggest brands: Santa Cruz, Vans, Creature, Globe, Blind, Almost, Enjoi, Girl, Chocolate, Toy Machine, etc.

Need help choosing your skateboard or longboard deck? Do you prefer to try your protections or your helmet before buying? Do you like to see the material before making a purchase on the internet? Your wheel makes a funny noise but you lack tools?

We are waiting for you !

Find out how to get to the OUTSIDE Skateshop store

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