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The REAL Skateboard brand offers high quality skateboard decks. Real decks are all built with the same in mind, so you'll get the same board quality as their Professional Team.

The chainrings are manufactured using an exclusive technique which makes them stronger, more durable and better performing. Their press molds use equal pressure across the entire surface of each deck, ensuring a centered, even and durable concave with just enough flex for maximum pop and response.

Founded in 1991 by Tommy Guerrero and Jim Thiebaud, REAL skateboards are designed in San Francisco in one of the most qualitative factories in the USA. The brand puts "Real Skateboarding" first, skateboards designed by skateboarders and nothing more! The skateboard is put above everything and REAL relies on innovation so that its boards evolve with the discipline. REAL enjoys an excellent reputation, both for its boards and for its "Pure Skate" brand image which does not make concessions and puts sport above all else.


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