Shipping and returns

When will my order be delivered ?

Find out more about our delivery conditions here.

If you need more information, please contact us.

How do I get my tracking number ?

Your tracking number is sent to you by email as soon as your order is on the road.

You can also find more informations about your orders in your account.

How do returns work ?

You can send back any order in its original package within 14 days.

We can also arrange a return after these 14 days depending on some conditions.

Please, contact us to know more about it.

Can I return an article and get a new one ?

We can exchange any article, yes.

Please follow our return process.

We then make all our possible so you can get your new article quickly.

Payment and rewarding system

How can I pay my order ?
How do refunds work ?

As soon as we get your parcel back, we check the items inside.

Then, we contact you to inform you and settle a refund on the next Friday at the latest.

You receive your credit directly our your bank or Paypal account.

Can I get a discount for my order ?

We try to offer you the best prices, all year long.

We also make sure all articles are in stock here so you can receive your orders very quickly.

Moreover, we are available on phone 6 days a week to answer your questions and find solutions.

All those things have a price, and we prefer not offering discounts to keep the level always on top.

Is there a rewarding system ?

Of course. Our customers are the most valuable thing we have. We wanted to offer them a rewarding system that is simple but truly fair.

Find out more about our rewarding system here.

My account

What do you do with my personnal datas ?

Your datas are yours. We also buy on the internet and we do not like our datas to be share with everyone.

Your datas are safe here, we do not share them with anyone.

How can I suppress my datas ?

You can suppress all your personnal datas anytime you like.

Please contact us.

Note that your invoices will be saved for accounting reasons.

The shop

Have you got a real skateshop ?

Yes, we run one of the biggest skateshop on this continent near Marseille, in the South of France.

Come visit us !

Read more about OUTSIDE Skateshop

Are the prices identical at the shop ?

Yes, of course.

You can buy all the articles in the shop, for the very same price.

Also, we try to offer the same quality of service to our Online customers, even if they are not in front of us !

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