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DeathWish is a skateboard brand that is experiencing a big rise in the 2020s. Founded by Jim Greco and Erik Ellington, in 2008, still Baker skateboarders, the name Deathwhish is inspired by the action film starring Charles Bronson in 1974: A vigilante in the city (Death Wish in English).

The logo is taken from the cross worn by the Punk Gang in the film Death Wish 3: New York's vigilante. Deathwish Decks are renowned for their durability and all brand communication is based on the rough and quirky look originally taken from the movies.

The Deathwish Decks range is broken down into two parts: Classic Shape decks which make up most boards, and Full Shape. In addition to decks, Deathwish produces a series of accessories dedicated to skateboarding such as wax, wheels, or its famous "Deathwish" rings.

Deathwish also offers a small range of clothing including caps, T-shirts, beanies and socks.

Team Deathwish 2020 is particularly edgy and heterogeneous with skaters like Jamie Foy, Neen Williams, Jon Dickson, Taylor Kirby, Pedro Delfino, or Jake Hayes.


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