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Baker is an American skateboard brand specializing in decks and complete decks. One of the most popular brands among skaters in recent years.

Baker is particularly renowned as one of the very best brands of decks.

Launched in 2000 by Mr Andrew Reynolds, the pope of skateboarding, and Jay Strickland, the Baker team counts or has counted among the most emblematic skaters of the last 10 years: Justin "Figgy" Figueiroa, Dustin Dollin, Riley Hawk, Elissa Steamer, Terry Kennedy, Kader Sylla, Byran Herman or Andrew Reynolds Himself. In addition to systematically bringing together top skaters, Team Baker is renowned for its parties... of the extreme.

The Baker videos have greatly contributed to making the brand known. Reynolds and his boys bring to life the great era of skateboarding with raw images, and pure and hard street. Reynolds' big commitment to his board also helped Baker's success. Go Big Andrew!

For the record, the word BAKER comes from the popular slang expression "get baked" which could be translated as "to be torn" or rather "to be aware of being torn" reflecting the skate culture which consists in appreciating the present moment. : Sieur Reynolds' Carpe Diem.

The brand now offers a very large collection of boards, including collaborations with many artists while leaving pride of place to its classic Logos, recognizable by all skateboarders in the world: B.A.K.E.R.

Historically, Baker decks have had a fairly narrow nose and tail. Nevertheless, we find in recent collections trays with all types of shape. In addition to skateboard decks, Baker has a small range of SkateWear including t-shirts, caps, socks or Bobs. Baker is now part of the Bakerboys distribution group which includes the skate brands Shake Junt, Deathwish Skateboards or Heroin Skateboards.


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