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Flip is a historic skateboard manufacturer including in its team legendary skaters like Tom Penny, Bob Burnquist, Rune Glifberg or Arto Saari but also Luan Oliveira, street league star with an inimitable style. The brand produces chainrings as well as complete boards, wheels, bearings and hardware.

Founded in England in 1991, Flip Skateboards was originally called Deathbox Skateboards. Rider Tom Penny joined the brand when it still carried the Deathbox name. In 1994, Flip moved to California, where it all happened, and teamed up with Toy Machine, which provided them with premises and many other helping hands. With its new location, Flip manages to reach the American market more easily and enjoys a real spotlight. Since 2017, Flip has been part of the JART-YOW-PLAN B group.


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