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Santa Cruz is a mythical skateboard brand founded in 1973 in California, in the city of the same name.

For more than 40 years, the brand has been particularly known for its cult designs, including the famous "Screaming Hand" designed by Jim Philipps. Certainly one of the logos with the strongest image in all of skate culture.

Throughout its history, Santa Cruz has always been intimately linked to art, street art and many of their collaborations with artists like Johnny Mojo, or Nathan Carrico are today today considered as iconic objects, which go far beyond the borders of the skate universe. Today more than ever, Santa Cruz is a must-have brand in the skate world, especially for its decks and its super original range of clothing! But it doesn't stop there.

Santa Cruz Skateboarding is also cruisers, wheels and complete skates in addition to t-shirts, caps, shorts, socks and other accessories. Santa Cruz offers a whole series of Old School boards, reissues of the legendary skates of the 80s, with Pro Models like the Natas Panther, the Roskopp Face, the Jessee Neptune or the Salba Witch Doctor.

The masterminds at Santa Cruz Skateboarding are paying homage to a band of legendary Team Riders that included names like Rob Roskopp, Eric Dressen, Natas Kaupas, Jeff Kendall, Jason Jessee and Christian Hosoi, pioneers in their genre.

The brand is now part of a large group, NHS, which distributes brands as essential as Creature skateboards, Independent Truck Company, Bronson Speed ​​Co., or even Mob Grip! Just that !

Even for the uninitiated, the Santa Cruz logo necessarily evokes something, that is to say the influence of the brand over the years on skate culture, and pop culture in general...

Do you want to start skateboarding and buy a Santa Cruz deck? It was the best decision you made today.


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