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Enjoi is a skateboard brand with a very strong visual identity. Carried by its mascot in the shape of a Panda, Enjoi became part of the skate culture's imagination in 2000 at the initiative of skater Marc Johnson, with the help of the all-powerful Rodney Mullen.

The brand Enjoi Skateboards defines itself as the troublemaker of the game. Its simple slogan speaks for itself:"We skate, we party, we live life to have fun." It's clearly announced, at Enjoi, it has to be fun!

Even if Marc Johnson is no longer part of the project (he joined Chocolate in 2003), Enjoi was able to surround itself with a happy team of funny skater's to send tricks on all the spots of the planet: Louie Barletta, Jackson Pilz, Didrik "Deedz" Galasso, Cairo Foster, Zack Wallin, Caswell Berry or Nestor Judkins.

If the Panda Enjoi is in the spotlight on most decks and complete skates, all the designs of the brand is designed with the same spirit: the fun above all! An aspect that is easily found in the Enjoi videos, carried by its team of skateboarders-deconnectors.


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