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Toy Machine is a skateboard brand created in 1989. Founded by Pro Skater and artist Ed Templeton (love), Toy Machine is based...(drum roll) California, on the famous spot of Huntington Beach then to San Diego.

The official full brand name is "Toy Machine Bloodsucking Skateboarding Co". Always present since 1994, Toy Machine is a dinosaur figure in the world of skateboarding with a mascot recognizable by skateboarders around the world: The Monster, a horned demon whose jloi facies has largely exceeded the limits of skate culture.

Since its beginnings, Toy Machine creations and in particular skate decks have been the calling cards for Templeton's artistic creations. The inventions of the talented Pro skateboarder/photographer/designer/painter are largely responsible for the success of Toy Machine with particularly original imagery.

The "Templeton" imprint can also be found in the famous skate videos Toy Machine, with productions like Welcome to Hell and the participation of non-one-legged skaters like Jeremy Leabres, Leo Romero or Mister Ed Templeton himself.

The Toy Machine product range now extends well beyond street boards, and includes wheels, waxes and grips.

Design Rating: 10/10


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