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Spitfire is one of the legendary brands of skateboard wheels. Founded in 1987, Spitfire became known in the 90s, especially with its videos like "Spitfire" in 1993.

Recognized as one of the two biggest brands in skate wheels, Team Spitfire has or has had some of the biggest names: Dennis Busenitz, Andrew Reynolds, Sean Malto, Grant Taylor, Louie Lopez, Chris Cole, Bryan Herman, Mike Anderson or Shane O'Neill... Ouch!

Spitfire offers several ranges of wheels with different Urethane formulations.

The essential Classics for example (which are aptly named) or the Bighead and their head on fire offer excellent value for money.

At the top of the range, we find the Rolls of skate wheels, the famous Formula 4, the most recent evolution in the formula of rubber. Formula Four wheels are more durable and resistant: the best for street skaters. Spitfire Formula Four wheels are available in two shapes: OG Classic and Classic.

The Classic Shape has a fairly narrow patch contact and is generally available in the hardest duros (up to 101a): ideal for street and technical flip tricks.

The OG Classic Shape is a better compromise to gain versatility: more contact surface thanks to a conical shape and 99a max hardness. In addition to its wheels, Spitfire offers a range of accessories such as bearings, grip, clothing or bags.

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