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Powell Peralta is a legendary skateboard brand. Founded in 1978 by George Powell and Stacy Peralta, the pioneering skateboarder who formed the Z-Boys and the Bones Brigade. The brand is best known for its skateboard decks and wheels, recognizable among a thousand thanks to the timeless skull logo!

It all started in 1974, when George Powell started making skateboards for his son and developed decks in composite material. He quickly engages the services of an already known skater, who will become a true legend for skaters around the world: Stacy Peralta. Founder of the Z-Boys with in particular Tony Alva (story popularized in the film "The lords of Dogtown"), Peralta has since become one of the greatest personalities of skate culture by forming in particular the Bones Brigade, the Team of skaters the most edgy of all time who will produce videos that are now legendary.

Subsequently, Peralta will be known above all for the production of videos considered unmissable in the world of skateboarding, revolutionizing the way of filming the sport, and even launching the career of a skateboarder like Tony Hawk.

The brand experienced a long desert crossing in the 80s and had to face the appearance of many skateboard companies set up by former skateboarders. Over the next decade, Powell Peralta would change its name several times before reinventing itself and returning to its official name in the 2010s.

Since then, Powell Peralta has stood out by bringing out its "Classic" models including reissues of the Old School boards of pro-riders Steve Caballero, Ray Rodriguez or Mike McGill, for example. The brand also offers a full range of wheels, decks and complete skateboards in addition to a clothing line.


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