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Venture is one of the most trusted skateboard truck brands in the world. Made in the USA, Venture trucks have always been renowned for their stable hanger, dedicated to grinds.

In the 80s, Venture entered the fight for the best street truck and hit hard from the start. By designing a street truck, the first real "Street truck", as simple as possible.

Initially planned as a cheap truck for kids, the Venture truck becomes a reference for street riders, and fits perfectly with the image of a discipline in full revolution: hard set!

The brand takes off completely with the arrival of Mark Gonzales in the Team and the rumor that spreads around a new truck, which no one is advertising, which has satisfied the King of Street Skate. Quickly, Venture surrounds itself with the best and skaters like Jason Lee or Mike Vallely join the Team, ending up offering the Trucks brand a well-deserved legitimacy among street skaters.

Faced with brands like Independent, Gullwing or Tracker, which monopolized the truck market at the time, Venture Trucks managed to carve out a good place for itself that it would never leave again.

The release in 1992 of the "Featherlight", the first low-profile truck on the market, ended up placing Venture at the top of the skate world with what would become the best-selling truck of the moment.

Today, Venture is positioned as one of the two totally essential brands of the skate truck. By positioning itself slightly cheaper than Independent, the brand remains the default choice for many skaters.


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