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Shake Junt is a super original brand that offers skateboard accessories, including grips. We now find in the catalog many different items such as bearings, screws, wax and even some trays. The brand is also known for its collaborations, such as the one with Vans for the release of the Old Skool or the Era in the colors of Shake Junt.

Founded by Shane Heyl, Shake Junt is basically a delirium of its founder who wanted to film himself while skating to the sound of Lil Gin. It turns out that the video had so much underground success that it launched the brand. Carried by their grip tape, hand-drawn, Shake Junt started equipping his friends, then decks everywhere with the help of the Baker Boy Factory!

Originally, Shake Junt would call itself "Strip Club", hence the logo in the form of a storefront with its spotlights!

Today, the brand has made a lot of progress, and the Team page has a hell of a team of killer skaters: Andrew Reynolds, Jon Dickson, Neen Williams, Jamie Foy, Riley Hawk, Dee Ostrander, Jeff Lenoce, Bryan Herman, Dustin Dollin, Figgy, Kyle Walker, Zion Wright, Stevie Perez, Pedro Delfino or Ish Cepeda! Ouch!!!


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