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Stance is a rather unique brand of high quality socks that offers designs that are each more original than the next, including collaborations with legendary licenses such as Star Wars, NBA, Harry Potter or DC Comics.

Stance Socks has become in the space of 5 years one of the leading sock brands with hundreds of incredible models.

Beyond the simple look, Stance socks are renowned for their solidity and their unique comfort which has won over a good number of sportsmen and other artists.

Stance makes it a point of honor to elevate the manufacture of socks to the rank of art, and who says art, says artists! The brand has surrounded itself with an army of designers to come up with ever more inspiring designs! Stance offers us the perfect compromise between comfort and style, and all... without compromise!

Among the most emblematic personalities of the Stance family, we find the skateboarder Ishod Wair, but also sportsmen like James Harden or John John Florence or even the singer Rihanna.

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