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Loaded is a high-end longboard brand that offers boards dedicated to each discipline: Downhill, Carving, Dancing and Cruising.

Loaded is known as an excellent brand that prefers to focus on a few high-performance models rather than a wide range. The Loaded longboards are each dedicated to a particular discipline with for example the Bhangra for Dancing, or the Tesseract for Downhill.

The most popular Loaded models are the versatile boards like the Icarus or the Tan Tien.

The Loaded chainrings are particularly technical with the use of composite materials offering unique characteristics and in particular the possibility of choosing its Flex according to its weight and its practice.

The Loaded range is not limited to longboard boards, however, since the brand offers a range of accessories including bearings, pads, gloves, screws.

Always based in California, Loaded was founded in 2002 and is actively involved in the development of longboarding in all its disciplines.


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