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YOW is a Spanishsurfboard brand that offers complete boards and trucks.

It is one of the two major brands of Surfskate to offer trucks swivel boards for the practice of "Surf style".

In fact, the surfskates allow you to simply ride forward, thanks to the spring-loaded truck that moves the board forward at each turn.

> Our presentation of the YOW Surfskates

In nearly 7 years, Surfskate has established itself as an urban sliding discipline in its own right. A true fashion phenomenon, boards like the YOW have invaded the streets and pumptracks of all countries.

And that's quite normal! The use of a surfskate being soft and easy, the discipline has seduced many skaters looking for a cruising board to walk around and enjoy carving. The YOW Meraki swivel trucks allow you to roll effortlessly, doing the only cool thing: undulating to send small turns. Pure gliding.

In addition to an exceptional cruising companion, the surfskate is the ultimate weapon for surfers who want to find sensations on the asphalt. Enough to send big aggressive snaps and hit sports sessions to keep in shape!

Today, YOW offers an extremely successful range of surfskates, which includes around thirty boards to meet the expectations of all skaters/surfers. More or less long decks, more or less concave, equipped with kicktails and all equipped with YOW pivoting trucks.

For mixed use, between walking and pumptrack, or to follow the children on a longboard, YOW surfskates are the ideal solution for a smooth glide and to rediscover sensations like in surfing. Perfect for getting back to riding quietly.

Manufactured in the Spanish Basque Country, in a factory with 20 years of experience, by a company at the head of flagship skateboard brands such as Plan B, JART or Flip, YOW surfskates benefit from all the know-how of one of the most world's leading board and truck manufacturers.

Learn more about YOW surfskates.

Yow at OUTSIDE. From the release of the first models to today, we have always loved Yow surfskates. In the last 6 years, we have tried most models and we have been able to push certain boards to their limits. We now have a very precise idea of ​​what a good YOW Surfskate should be and we will be happy to give you our opinion by phone or email.


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