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Element is a skateboard and apparel brand, one of the biggest in skate culture.

Established in 1992, Element is one of the iconic brands in skate culture and continues to produce decks and complete skates. It's even the official sponsor of one of the best skateboarders in the world: Nyjah Huston.

Throughout these years as a manufacturer of one of the biggest Skateboarding brands, Element has seen famous skaters in its team, including Bam Margera, Tom Schaar, Mark Appleyard or even Nyjah Huston.

In recent years, Element has stood out in its clothing series with its super fresh side, with lots of colors, and some daunting collabs like Star Wars or Planet of the Apes.

On the Skateboard side, the brand offers excellent equipment for beginners at less than 100 euros with a complete setup. In short, Element is super classy, ​​the logo is recognizable from 100 kilometers away and frankly, at the skateshop, we really like it :)


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