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Madness is a brand of skateboard decks. "Skateboarding is pure Madness!" Here, in a few words, is the philosophy advocated by the Sam Beckett brand. Warm and cozy under the cover of Dwindle Distribution, the "madmen" of Madness have access to the most cutting-edge production methods and unlimited means. Madness nevertheless remains an "in-house" skate brand that can afford a few small deviations to give birth to original things.

But it's graphic level that Madness to hit a big blow. Most of the brand's decks are inspired by works such as master paintings or sculptures. All brought up to date by the use of modern processes, such as the Holographic Oil Slick print from the Spring 2021 collection.

Madness decks live up to their name and the in-store effect is guaranteed. Proof of this is the many "Whaaaat!" which are uttered by passing skaters!

Team level, Madness is big curve skaters who destroy concrete parks and giant ramps with lads like Sam Beckett of course, Clay Kreiner, Jack Fardell, Alex Perelson or Treywood.


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