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List of products by brand Krooked Skateboarding

Krooked Skateboarding is a brand that mainly offers skate decks. A unique brand founded by pro skater and artist Mark Gonzales.

Gonzales expresses all his talent by decorating the decks of his works, giving a completely new look for skateboards. Krooked decks are fresh, colorful and super original, unlike most designs found in skate culture.

It was in 2002 that the "Gonz" founded Krooked, of which he remained the artistic director and creator of most of the Graphics. The brand will obviously benefit from the immense notoriety of its parent, a native of South Gate, California, and legendary figure of skateboarding in the 90s.

As a reminder, Mark Gonzales was named "the most influential skateboarder of all time" by Transworld Magazine in December 2011.

Among his countless feats of arms, we can notably mention his Gap at the Embarcadero in San Francisco, since renamed the "Gonz Gap", which popularized the place as one of the most famous skate spots in the world.

Recently, Krooked has also started producing Cruisers and wheels, and now has a small range of clothing. T

eam Krooked is obviously made up of Mark Gonzales, supported by Mike Anderson, Ronnie Sandoval or Dan Drehobl.

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