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DICKIES is a century-old brand with a reputation as a workwear brand for workers with heavy-duty materials. It wasn't until the 90s that skaters from Anti-hero and San Francisco started wearing Dickies pants, tough enough to endure the horrors that skaters put on them!

Dickies (Williamson-Dickie Mfg Co.) was founded in Fort Worth, Texas in 1922! In reality, Colonel E.E Dickie and C.N. Williamson joined forces in 1918 to found a millinery which would be transformed into a clothing factory 4 years later.

Initially, DICKIES made workwear for farmhands and ranchers in the Southwest of the USA.As early as the 1920s, DICKIES was already marketing its famous striped blue denim overalls and enjoyed success with agricultural workers.

Gradually, the Texan brand established itself in the industry by supplying factories, hospitals and construction companies.


In the 1930s, it was one of the main manufacturers of denim coveralls, designed to protect clothing at work. Although it has evolved in its design, this item is currently still marketed.

During the Second World War, the DICKIES workshops were requisitioned to produce 9 million ultra-robust uniforms for the army. After the war, DICKIES invented its Eisenhower jacket, one of the brand's icons, designed from the uniforms of American pilots. General Eisenhower, a fan of the jacket, decided to adopt it for his soldiers.

Present in Europe from the 1950s, DICKIES made a splash with its new 1574 work shirt, which became work clothing in many companies.

In 1967, the DICKIES 874 twill work trousers made their appearance. It is made of a wrinkle-resistant and almost indestructible fabric. It becomes one of the main references of DICKIES, a success that persists today.

Entry into pop culture and skateboarding

It was in the 80s that DICKIES, declining its models in all kinds of new colors, became a real streetwear brand, propelled by US rappers who chose their clothes, in particular TUPAC or the Beastie Boys. Tupac's "THUG LIFE" denim dungarees are by the way a custom model from DICKIES. Look taken over years later by Eminem. But it's Snoop Dogg who will definitely associate DICKIES with the Hip-Hop scene by regularly wearing DICKIES shirts and the famous 874 pants (oversized!!!).

In the mid-1990s, the brand seduced skateboarders who made it their favorite garment to resist falls on the asphalt. Now popular among skaters around the world, DICKIES is particularly appreciated for the strength of its pants. Over time, the shoulder collar logo (for plow) has become as well known in the skate world as the DC Shoes or Independent logo!

Today, the brand is present in more than 100 countries around the world. The DICKIES clothing range includes many collections for men and women, with hoodies, t-shirts, pants, shirts, overalls, jackets or hats. DICKIES apparel is still steeped in brand tradition and features rugged craftsmanship and classic designs inspired by century-old Texas tradition.


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