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Rip'N'Dip is one of the most creative and prominent wear brands in the skate world! The cat brand is a UFO among the old ones by offering clothes from another world featuring its mascot in the most improbable situations. Sensitive souls refrain...

Created in Florida in 2009 by a skateboarder (Ryan O'Connor), RipNDip is THE brand that has exploded in recent years with an incredible range of Streetwear with extravagant designs. Rip'N'Dip is a slang way of saying that we kill the spot and get away in a hurry! Worn by its mascot (Lord Nermal, the fucking cat!), RipNDip has a range of clothing that is totally different from the competition with a massive use of flashy colors, Tie&Dye designs, and completely offbeat designs. Lord Nermal, the star cat, is staged in all possible and imaginable situations and the least we can say is that RipNdip's mascot is Trash to say the least! Limitless creativity, and a decadent animal.

These are the arguments of the brand to seduce an audience of young enough skaters. RipNdip has released hyper-original collections in recent years, often surfing on diversions of popular successes such as Star Wars, Street Fighter, Nirvana, M&M's, Pokemon, Alice in Wonderland, or quite simply on Nermal's propensity to make excess !

Now, RipNDip offers items as varied as doormats, boxer shorts, skateboard decks, sun visors, caps or even umbrellas. In short, anything goes!


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