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DC Shoes is an American company specialized in shoes and clothing for extreme sports and skateboarding in particular. It was founded by Danny Way, Colin McKay, Ken Block and Damon Way.

DC offers a wide range of shoes, for skateboarding and BMX or for everyday life. Its mythical logo is recognized at a glance by all skateboarders around the world.

The brand, also known as DCSHOESCOUSA, is located in Huttington Beach, California

Originally, the initials DC stood for Droors Clothing. The company DC Shoes is now owned by the Quiksilver Group.

Since its inception, DC has sponsored many athletes, especially in skateboarding and BMX, such as Danny Way, Rob Dyrdek, Colin McKay, Josh Kalis, Wes Kremer, Nyjah Huston, Chris Cole, Travis Pastrana or Dave Mirra.

The brand has released many videos including Skateboard ing is Forever, in 2010, with all its riders fans of the time including Matt Miller, Wes Kremer or Evan Smith.

Among the most popular shoes of skateboarders, we find at DC Shoes models Kalis, Trase, Tonik, Infinite or Legacy.


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