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Carver is an American manufacturer of surfskate boards. It is the brand that invented and democratized the surfskate as we know it today with its reference pivoting truck: the Carver C7.

Made in the USA, Carver surfskates are the most popular boards for practicing "Surf Style".

Thanks to their quality trucks, pivoting or RKP, Carver immediately established itself as the reference brand on the market.

Even though surfkates really exploded only a few years ago, Carver has been around since 1996 and has been producing trucks to capture the feel of surf since the beginning. Wanting to get back on the water in the middle of winter, two Venice Beach skateboarders/surfer, Greg Falk and Neil Carver, decided to design the first truck of surf skate to get some curves. By adding a spring system on a base of truck with pivot, they invented a new discipline made of carving and snaps. With a last name like Neil's, it seems that the boy was predestined...

By creating a truck with double axes of torsion, he revolutionized the world of skateboarding and cruising.

Today, Carver is still one of the brands, if not THE reference of surfskate in the world. With its range of complete boards and trucks in parts, there is something for everyone! Even the surf team of the USA trains on the asphalt with Caver surfskates. It is also the case of many pro-surfers with whom Carver has set up collaborations like Taylor Knox, Courtney Conlogue, Yago Dora or Tyler Ridler.

The American brand has even released boards in tribute to surf in collaboration with Lost Surfboards and Channel Islands.

More recently, Carver continues to innovate with the release of its truck RKP: the Carver CX. A truck with inverted Kingpin a little higher than the classic trucks longskate that allows carver with a lot of amplitude while benefiting from a little extra stability that does not necessarily offer the truck C7.

Carver has launched a complete range of CX sufskate: Triton by Carver.

Today, Carver surfboards are particularly popular. For the ride or pumptrack, it is an excellent way to start or get back to riding by practicing a gentle discipline that consists of linking fluid curves to move forward without pushing with his foot: rather fun!

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