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MBS is the pioneer brand of Mountainboard. MBS is one of the first brands to mass-produce and market its mountainboards in the USA.

Originally, Colorado Snowboarders were looking for a way to surf in the summer.

They all simply fit trucks and wheels on cut snowboards. In the long run, they ended up developing special boards for downhill and that's how the sport became more democratic.

Today, MBS continues to market boards for Downhill but the range now includes half of the models for landkiting.

True originality, MBS has designed large rubber wheels with reliefs to equip all-terrain longboards capable of hurtling down slopes and moving on uneven paths.

The MBS All-Terrain Drop Deck Longboard is the only original board in the range to allow this kind of Offroad ride!

In addition to boards and wheels, MBS offers a range of high quality protections dedicated to the practice of DIRT.


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