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Founded in 1975, Jessup Griptape is a brand that offers excellent grip for all types of skateboards, cruisers, longboards and surfboards. The silicon carbide sand combined with a durable adhesive, allows their grips to be durable over time. The Jessup griptape team is full of reknown skaters: Alec Majerus, Benny Fairfax, Arto Saari... All have opted for Jessup Griptape quality. From the basic black grip to the colored or transparent grips, this brand will satisfy every skater who want a quality grip!

Thanks to the many choices in terms of size, colors, designs and cuts, the new look of your skateboard will be 100% successful with Jessup Griptape. The brand is a must for skaters who want to equip their board with a durable and high quality grip!


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