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Orangatang is a brand of longboard wheels and bushings, probably the most famous among longboarders around the world.

The Orangatang brand offers a very complete range of wheels, from the softest for Carving and Pumping to real slide wheels that glide like soap bars: Skiff, Fat Free, Stimulus, 4President, Moronga, Durian, In Heat, Kegel, Caguama .

There is something for everyone!

Orangatang even has two series of wheels suitable for use on longboards and electric skateboards, the Kegel and the Caguama. For freestyle and dancing, we generally favor assemblies with Fat Free, appreciated by owners of Loaded Bhangra and Tarab for example.

For those looking for versatility, we fit Stimulus as standard on most longboards for carving or cruising.

The 4President, In Heat and Kegel models are to be reserved for long distance pushing, strong carving or to benefit from maximum comfort on uneven ground.

Historically, the names of the Orangatang wheels referred to actors or films like the Keanu, the Kilmer or the 4President (from Point Break!).

Orangatang, based in California, is a division of the Loaded/Paris Truck group, a heavyweight in the world of longboarding.


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