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Szade is an Australian brand that appeared a few years ago and designs recycled glasses.  Szade is a promise of transparency and sustainability. And a goal: the freshest frames in the best colors, in the most sustainable, most accessible and most of all most affordable way possible.

Szade is the most sustainable and eco responsible brand. Since 2017 the brand has been part of the cityswitch energy efficiency program. An initiative of the brand that will continue to strive to find better, cleaner and more sustainable energy sources to power its business.

To carry out its fight Szade minimizes the use of paper and cardboard, reuses materials wherever possible recycling 90% of waste to minimize landfill, using responsibly sourced recycled paper used in all offices and more recently installing solar panels to power the company.

Responsible to the point of its cases, the latter have been designed to last and be reused over and over again. A more sustainable brand and above all accessible to allow a maximum of people to consume better. 


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