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HUF is a Streetwear brand created by the famous skater Keith Hufnagel.

Huf is a american streetwear brand offering original and cool clothes, skate accessories, skate socks... Created by the famous skater Keith Hufnagel, the brand collaborates with cool brands like Playboy.

Keith HUFNAGEL has been skating since he was very young in the streets of New York. In the 80s, skateboarding didn't have the same image as it does today. Associated with the punk and hip-hop movement, it was an element of counterculture shunned by the masses. That's what shaped Keith's vision.

In 1992, he moved to San Francisco, the mecca of skateboarding. By becoming a Pro, he travels the world to skate the best spots. He ended up opening a small shop in Frisco, in the Tenderloin district. He wants to bring together the best brands of skate, streetwear and sneakers. The shop is called HUF, and it quickly meets with great success.

Very quickly, Hufnagel saw the opportunity to launch his own clothing line, HUF. 10 years later, the brand is an example of success, an independent manufacturer of quality clothing.

Hufnagel never considered skateboarding a hobby. For him, it goes much further than that, beyond the sport side, it's a way of life, skateboarding-lifestyle. It is a way of life that brings together and synthesizes a wide assortment of countercultures. To be a skateboarder is to be a bit of an artist, a musician, a photographer, a creator... Skateboarding transcends skin color and social structure, it opens up a world free of all restrictions for individuals. It's a bit of all this that we find in the HUF brand.

The HUF streetwear line offers classic cuts, with a high quality finish. The clothes are obviously designed to provide sufficient sturdiness for skaters. In its designs, HUF seeks sophistication, drowned under a layer of nonchalance so representative of the skate spirit.

HUF is Keith's declaration of love for skateboarding. An Apparel brand involved in its community in which the Boss is particularly present to ensure that this spirit is kept clean and to fuel creation with his vision of the world.

We have often read it, but it applies perfectly at HUF: Made by skateboardsers, for skateboarders.


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