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Thrasher is a legendary brand in skate culture. Thrasher is THE most famous skate magazine in the world. It is a monthly founded in 1981 by a character as famous as its creation: Jake Phelps.

In recent years, the brand has developed a range of clothing and in particular hoodies bearing the flame logo. With its Flame hoodies (hooded sweatshirts), Thrasher is present on skate parks and on the videos of skateboarders all over the world.

In addition to t-shirts and hoodies, Thrasher offers a range of accessories, including skate deck grips.

Thrasher enjoys such notoriety that its official rankings are a reference in the world of skateboarding. Thrasher names in particular a skateboarder of the year and the list has seen the greatest: Kyle Walker, Milton Martinez, David Gonzales, Chris Cole, Tony Trujillo, Arto Saari, Eric Koston or Pope Andrew Reynolds.

The Thrasher brand benefits from a very harsh image that fits perfectly with street skateboarding: blood, sweat and sores! For the record, the word Thrasher could be translated (with difficulty) as someone who fights, who gives himself trouble, or who destroys everything. A skateboarder who gives up nothing in short!


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