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The Salty Crew brand is a surfwear brand created by professional surfer CJ Hobgood. Helped by his brothers as well as his close friends, he decided to create Salty Crew. The main purpose of this brand is to make young people want to discover the beauties of the sea and surfing through their products.

CJ Hobgood the creator of the brand is a legend of surfing. In 1989 he won his first competition when he was only 10 years old. In 2001 he reached the pinnacle of his career by finishing world surfing champion. Competitor and professional, he directed many films such as Down the barrel in 2007. The main objective of Salty Crew is to develop by offering opportunities to young surfers, offering to sponsor them and offering them a job. Shortly after its launch, Salty Crew was a real success. Salty is growing rapidly in the United States and expanding internationally. It first set up in Hossegor, a city that marked CJ. Hobgood one of the founders, when he won the local competition in 2000. It then developed in Portugal and Spain and then in other European countries.


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