Streetwear. For over 10 years now, JACKER has been astonishing us with its range of streetwear, which combines high textile quality with often striking designs. This autumn will be no exception, with a new collection on the theme of the 7 deadly sins!

JACKER Capital Sins: let yourself be tempted...

Evil is everywhere. And if idleness inevitably leads to sin, this season JACKER is also leading us straight to it. The theme of the Montpellier-based brand's latest streetwear collection is Capital Sins.

Who hasn't dreamed of fully embracing their destiny and listening to the little voice in their head? Who hasn't thought of dropping everything and diving headfirst into vice? Not me, anyway :) But for all those who openly embrace their inner evil, JACKER has launched a collection on the themes of jealousy, anger, laziness and lust...

Following on from the success of the Data Civilization and No Signal collections, the brand presents a range that's more subversive than ever, revisiting the biblical theme of sin and bringing it up to date with 2023.

JACKER Streetwear Capital Sins

JACKER Part 11: New chapters!

"My body tingles, my pulse quickens and my breath jerks. Sonia is one of those femmes fatales to whom you can refuse nothing. Caressing her long legs sheathed in red leather perfectly matched to the soles of her brand-new Louboutins drives me crazy. I desire her as much as I fear her. Her protruding nails tear at my skin, and her floral scent transports me every time her carnal lips roam the curve of my neck."

These are the words that accompany the Lust t-shirt and Hoodie from the new collection. Part 11 of the "collection of short stories" that now systematically illustrate JACKER product sheets. An original universe that completes and enriches the JACKER experience, immersing us even further in the trip.

Beware, your virtue may be at risk!

No slouch when it comes to quality!

For those interested only in textiles, JACKER has impressed us from the outset with one of the highest-quality clothing ranges on the skate game. Heavy, wrinkle-free fabric, well-cut models and high-quality silkscreen prints that fade very little over time.

A French brand that has nothing to envy the behemoths of skate streetwear.

Solid top gear for skateboarders... and poor fishermen!