The CINETIC longboard wheel brand is back after several months of absence and a new expanded catalog!

Roues CINETIC : le retour

Particularly appreciated by our customers since its creation, the CINETIC wheel brand returns with a new 2022 range that is even wider and more complete.

With its "unbeatable value for money" positioning, CINETIC had already set the bar very high by offering models for cruising and spare wheels for surfskates (standard equipment for the surfskate brand YOW).

This time again, CINETIC offers us wheels that are positioned well below the competition in terms of price. And for the price, hard to be disappointed!

Designed in Spain in the parent company of YOW/Jart/Plan B/LongIsland, CINETIC wheels are available in 5 models, all available in 3 duros.

The CINETIC Crop (66mm and 70mm version) are the cruising and surfskate wheels that offer the most grip and patch contact. The Nebula 60mm (available at €32 a set!) are the small wheels with a "slippery" finish for sliding. The Cygnus offer a good compromise for freeriding with their core offset. As for the Lynx, these are cruiser wheels for mounting on a street board or a small cruiser (62mm), to ride on all types of surfaces.

Find the entire range of CINETIC wheels at the OUTSIDE skateshop.