Cruisers. YOW is coming with a brand new range of cruisers, freshly equipped with a brand new truck: the YOW Legasee: a hybrid between street and surfskate. We tested it for you.

YOW Cruisers: What's new?

With its new truck Legasee, YOW offers us a novelty not quite similar to what is offered by the competition.

If these new boards are clearly to be classified in the Cruiser category for their simplicity of use and their good balance between maneuverability and comfort of rolling, the contribution of truck YOW Legasee is notable and denotes appreciably with the trucks type classic skate that we find on the cruisers skate of other brands.

Thanks to its huge experience of the surfboard, YOW concocted for us a truck hybrid, which allows a practice a little bit particular, halfway between several universes: carving cruising , and street.

Truck YOW Legasee : a truck of street very playful

This is the goal of YOW with the Legasee: to have its own truck of street, injecting a dose of DNA Surfskate to get a result in line with the spirit of the brand.

The YOW Legasee is not an articulated truck that swivels to pump. It is a truck from street designed in such a way that it allows for very radical turns. In fact, this makes it very suitable for carving and it keeps a real penchant for street, especially because of its lightness.

So, for the skatepark, it's all good. But it remains a board to move, which has a huge potential of carving, and thus of Fun ! The truck YOW Legasee has no reason to be ashamed of the competition of the trucks Carver CX or the LANDYACHTZ Surftruck which equip respectively the Triton by CARVER and the Surfskates Landy.

YOW Cruisers: for whom?

So, who are these new YOW Cruiser boards dedicated to?

Versatile skateboarders who are looking for an all-around board to have fun while riding outside park. To beginners who want a stable board but with a strong potential of Carving, somewhere between a Surfskate and a skateboard of street, to open a maximum of possibilities: on the road, at skatepark and at the pumptrack.

For the price at which they are proposed (between 185,00 and 195,00 €), the Cruisers YOW are an excellent surprise whose appearance coincides with the arrival of the beautiful days!

And for those who would like to test them, don't hesitate to come to the skateshop !