Surfskate. In our new video, we take a look at the new truck system from WATERBORNE: the Dream Surf Truck!

WATERBORNE Dream Surf: the dream is over!

The shop bell rings, a man steps forward in his yellow jacket. On his back, a Post Office crest. Not surprisingly, it's the letter carrier. In his hands, a parcel. He sets it down, turns around, and disappears as he came.

I feverishly grab a box cutter. Slowly, I cut the tape that closes the box I've just received. What awaits me inside? Not a clue... Wrapped in protective paper, a large object occupies the inside of the package. It looks like a suitcase, but not just any suitcase. The kind containing valuables: gold ingots, musical instruments, VHS cassettes of Dragon Ball Z. That sort of thing. On the box, an inscription: WATERBORNE Skateboards.

I release the locking system, grasp the handle and carefully open the box. My eyes widen as I discover the contents of the mystery package: a truck Surfskate, or more precisely the Dream Surf Truck!

I suddenly sit up in bed! It was just a dream. I turn my head and see on my bedside table a black box with the same inscription as in my dream. I'm no longer dreaming, this is reality. I've been chosen to try it out!

WATERBORNE: Pandora's Box

WATERBORNE's Dream Pack is the perfect package for the autumn of 2023. A boxed set with all the equipment you need to transform your skate board into a surfskate!

The brand doesn't pull any punches here, with everything you need to get up to speed: truck front and truck rear, equipped respectively with the WATERBORNE pivoting system and the Rail Adapter, the Fin System for modifying the angle of the truck, wheels, bearings and all the hardware required to assemble everything.

What's special about this new system is that WATERBORNE doesn't just supply the pivoting part on which you can mount your truck, but a complete set, including the pivot, as well as a truck... RKP. An original feature, since most competitive models are equipped with the equivalent of a truck from street, as on the YOW Meraki for example. First glance, and first surprise that makes you want to test this new Dream Surf Truck.

At the rear, we find the Rail Adapter with the same type of truck reverse geometry mounted on bushings to maximize performance at carving.

All this equipment can be mounted on the board of your choice in less than 10 minutes. For our part, we chose the YOW Snappers 32.5" from 2022, a deck with a large tail and rocker.

Waterborne Dream Surf Truck

WATERBORNE Dream Surf Truck : the Test

The key word when it comes to this new system is fluidity. It's smooth and pleasant to ride, and the curves flow with smooth-itude! WATERBORNE has come up with a great machine at carver for cruising, which makes it easy to move around without pushing. The trucks RKP contribute to this smooth ride, and the sensation of gliding is increased tenfold by the addition of the rear rail, which allows you to carver even harder and offers a different feel to that of CARVER, YOW or SMOOTHSTAR.

For lovers of surf moves and more aggressive surfers, this system will probably be a little harder to get used to. While the pivoting Dream Surf and the Rail are playful, the whole system offers little stability for technical moves. At first glance, this means we don't recommend the system for beginners who want to get to grips with Surfs-Style with their first board, even though the discomfort disappears with use and more experienced riders will quickly be able to get the hang of it.

The second test was carried out with the addition of the Fin System "Mega Pump", the most inclined version of the truck. A very playful rendering, which further accentuates the Dream Surf Truck's particularities: extra fluid but unstable for radical moves.

Third try: we add the "Super Carve" Fin System to modify the angle of the front truck.

The result is a wiser, lower-riding surfskate that performs better on surf moves. For riding, it's also much simpler, less playful, and clearly better suited to first-time surfers. A set-up closer to that of other brands, as it's more versatile for all uses, especially the most radical.

In short, the system does the job you expect of it, and with the addition of the Fin System in any of its configurations, you can modify the behavior of your truck to obtain very different sensations. This is a huge plus for this WATERBORNE Dream Surf Truck, already very complete, but ultimately more versatile than most existing models.

It's a fine piece of equipment, and on a par with the top brands, offering only the truck system and wheels.