Surfskate. YOW takes us on a 100% surfskate trip to Thailand in its new video: Kuen Kuen, Long Kluen.

Surfskate Eldorado

If I talk to you about Thailand, you probably think of its temples, its fine sandy beaches or its fragrant cuisine...

Yes, but not only. Thailand has become in a few years the Mecca of Surfskate, with the construction of more than 100 surfskate-parks in the last two years alone!!! Quality infrastructure for turning and surfing the asphalt wave, in often heavenly environments.

Strongly boosted by the multiple confinements, the Thais seeking to occupy themselves without leaving their neighborhood, the Surfskate thus exploded in Bangkok, then all over the country. What visibly change society since Surfskateurs have invaded the smallest car park to carve and are now legion on platforms like Tik-Tok or Instagram.

A paradise for sports enthusiasts, and enough to be the subject of a great trip on the theme of Surfskate!

In the meantime, the YOW Surfskates brand traveled to Thailand with a mixed team of European and local skaters to show us some of the best spots in the area.

Attention, for those who like the discipline: it makes you really want to pack your bags to test these magnificent hilly skateparks with very gentle curves!

In this vidéo