Surfskate. New portrait. This week, direction Belgium to discover Sascha Borrey, a skater who rides for YOW Surfskate.

Find Your Own Wave

Facing the flourishing Surfskate news, we were waiting for the right moment to relay this video.

But it is worth it. "Born by the Northsea" is the second portrait dedicated to a member of the YOW Surfskate Team: Sascha Borrey.

On pretty images of Jade Madoe, we discover Sascha, a young Belgian man who started to surf on his Home Spot of the North mother, in Ostend. A pure slide fanatic, quickly fell into the Surfskate to compensate for the days of flat.

We embark with him for a glimpse of his daily life, his relationship with surfing and shape, to skateboarding and surfboarding, a real land variant of the marine glide.

Still a beautiful production of YOW or how the Surfskate replaces the Surf to soak the thirst of glide of its followers the most ... thirsty.