Surfskate. Video portrait of rider Marta Davila, one of the oldest members of the Yow Surfskate team.

Trial & Error : A Marta Davila Mateu Portrait

Marta Davila Mateu is a surfer. But Marta is also a surf skater!

The young woman, from the small coastal village of Sitges, near Barcelona, ​​is the first to inaugurate the new series of portrait videos launched by Yow. As the oldest surfer skater in the team, and one of the most talented, she deserves this tribute that the YOW Surf brand pays her today.

Born into a family of surfers and surrounded by the sea, Marta inevitably learned to slide from a very young age, on the water, in surfing and on other types of floating boats.

With her aquatic experience, it was only natural that Marta followed the transition to Surfskate in the years 2015. Since then, this travel and computer lover has been traveling to spots and parks around the world for the Spanish Surfskate brand.

Captured by the camera of German director Lars Goos, "Trial & Error, a Marta Davila Mateu portrait" is not just a nod to the Spanish skater and her super fluid style. It's a reminder that the Surfskate doesn't just take its name from Surfing, it's a real complement, the link between the two worlds. And like skateboarding, Surfskate is a school of life, which teaches you to fall, to accept the fall, to get up and to progress.

A nice first portrait, and a new series of videos to follow on the YOW Surf channel.

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