Longboard. This week, we wanted to share two great videos with you. On the program: a record, and a trip to Scotland!

Longboard : World Record

The first video is short, but devilishly effective.In fact, it above all illustrates a record broken by a Frenchman in speed longboarding: that of the fastest stand-up slide in the world!

Mister Ambroise Trauet achieved a rather memorable feat in Austria by dropping a slide at... 117.35 km/h!!! In full descent at more than 130 km / h, the boy split a big, well-sharpened stand-up.

Everything is summarized in a small clip visible below. For your information, Ambroise has launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance the publication of a film which retraces the few decisive days which made it possible to beat this record.

Longboard Trip to Scotland

In another register, here are the adventures of Lyndsay MacLaren and Hannah Bailey, exploring the Highlands of Scotland on the back of a longboard.

A very very nice trip to the land of Whiskey and Duncan McLeod in the company of these two women, one skateboarder and the other photographer, who offers us a superb panorama of their native country and its wild nature.

A way for them to make the crowds aware of the beauty of nature in order to better preserve it.