Surfskate. The american wheel brand SURFSKATE LOVE is now available at the skate shop. We take a look at this high quality brand dedicated to Surfskate.

Surfskate Love : For the love of Surfskate

When Steve Palmer, the founder of SURFSKATE LOVE, contacted us to be the first retailers of his brand of wheels in Europe, we were already familiar with his Youtube channel which gathers tens of thousands of surfers.

Since 2 years, the man fell in love with the discipline to the point of dedicating his life to it and to found a channel (which has a nice success in the USA) and create a brand: SURFSKATE LOVE.

If Steve proposes some goodies with the colors of his brand, it is the wheels of Surfskate which are now his new speciality, wheels developed for the discipline with the aim of answering precisely the needs of the SurfSkaters.

Thanks to all the tests made for his channel, Steve has accumulated a lot of experience in the sport by trying the boards of most brands to make his own opinion. A very useful knowledge when creating wheels dedicated to Surfskating.

Creation of a new range of wheels

From his home in Utah where he rides every day of the year, Steve has created wheels that are designed for surfing, something rare in the industry. With the help of an experienced skateboarder and longboarder, they came up with a range of wheels including two sizes, themselves declined in two duro.

After their tests and discussions on almost all the wheels available on the longboard market, they established a list of their preferences for each model, contacted one of the biggest wheel factories in the US, and launched the SURFSKATE LOVE Wheels adventure!

Not surprisingly, the two guys came up with some pretty soft wheels, which offer a lot of grip, and a very fast and smooth feeling. This result is obtained using a special, very high-rebound Urethane formula which fulfills its function perfectly. Added to this, the modifications made to the traditional shapes of longboard wheels on the shape of the lips or the core position provide a tight and nimble carving with superior grip.

Finally, the Radius edges prevent wheels from coning and make them more durable than most of the wheels out there.

Surfskate Love : which wheels for my Surfskate ?

If the choice of the wheels is a rather personal question, SURFSKATE LOVE proposes us 4 sets of wheels to try to answer the needs of the majority of the Surfskaters.

There are standard sizes for longboard wheels: 65mm and 70mm, both declined in duro 78a and 81a.

The 65mm wheels will obviously be more adapted to an aggressive surf style. Developed for those who love radical moves, they are perfect for sporty sessions, even on a small spot, to send snaps and slides.

In 70mm, the SURFSKATE LOVE wheels will be more dedicated to the cruising lovers, those who ride a lot, who move on different types of surfaces. Wheels to keep your speed longer and make less efforts to connect home and work :)

At one of the extremes, the radical surf-skaters will opt for small wheels, in the highest duro, to offer a maximum of playability and glide; while the beginners surf-skaters, and those who want to ride and move will carry their choice on the 70mm wheels in duro 78a to face all types of asphalt and benefit from a maximum of grip.

In the middle of the range, the 70mm 81a wheels will offer the right compromise, to carve to death and drift to your heart's content.

Surfskate Love : Verdict

On our side, we had the opportunity to test the SURFSKATE LOVE wheels in different situations and the feeling is obviously very positive.

If, once again, the choice of wheels is a personal matter, we discovered wheels that are indeed particularly adapted to the practice of Surfskate, and in this sense, that answer perfectly to what we can expect from them.

SURFSKATE LOVE wheels are comfortable for beginners and very resistant to maneuvers on rough asphalt. In small sizes, thanks to the duro and the position of the core, it triggers well for aggressive moves, and it's very reactive to send slides on the OUTSIDE Skateshop test area!

In short, the least we can say is that Steve convinced us! With his good compromise between width, contact patch, core position, lip shape and urethane formula, he managed to create very good Surfskate wheels.

SURFSKATE LOVE wheels: validated! Now it's up to you to make your own opinion!