Surfskate. It's not easy to choose from the many Surfskate models available at the Skate Shop. We take stock in video of the different truck systems of the Yow, Carver, Smoothstar, Slide, Long Island or Original brands.

Choose your Surfskate Truck : Vidéo

Beginner or not, it is not always easy to grasp the differences that exist between the trucks of the different Surfskate brands available at the store. Even if the most telling thing is to test yourself, it is not necessarily easy to get a model from each brand to form your opinion.

In the following video (in french), we give you our opinion on the different Surfskate trucks that currently exist. With the help of Mickael, from the Surfskate association "Les Jacquots du Surf", we explain the major differences between truck systems and give you our impressions and preferences for each type of use.

A truck to rule them all...

On today's program, a classification by program (precisely) of the different truck systems, articulated or not: YOW Meraki, Carver C7, Carver CX, Slide, Smoothstar Thruster, LEAN Genesis, Original S8, and Gullwing Sidewinder. Let's go!

Certainly the most popular Surfskate truck, the YOW Meraki S5 truck returns quite a bit of power and helps generate speed easily. Efficient in carving, adapted to pumptrack and surf-training, it is a very Surf-oriented system. Apart from its weight which does not facilitate its use in the skatepark, it is a very versatile system. Surprising the first moments for its instability, it is in fact one of its strengths, especially to catch up with a bad curve on the pumptrack.

The pioneer truck of Surfskate: the CARVER C7 (Carver's pivoting system), is more stable, more secure at first sight. Adjustable for more stability, it also offers responsiveness in a loose version. Lighter than the YOW Meraki, it has a totally different construction that really plays on the sensations and is particularly suitable for beginners. On the flat, the Carver C7 may lack a bit of playability with a slightly less pronounced feedback but is more suitable for the bowl, and in some aspects for the Pumptrack.

Carver also offers a non-articulated model, the CARVER CX, which is now highly acclaimed in the skatepark because it responds to other types of practice. The Carver CX is a very light truck, very suitable for a skatepark/bowl hybrid practice to send airs in the curve. More stable for dropping, it is of great interest to skaters/surfers who also want to carve thanks to the angle it allows to take. With its very high hanger and high rebound bushings, the Carver CX is also used by other brands (at LOADED in particular) to create very versatile complete models for the Park.

At SLIDE's, we find a cheap truck, more suitable for small budgets. If the finish is a little less upscale than CARVER or YOW, the price / quality ratio is very good, and the gear is durable. Sensation level, we get closer to the C7 with less feedback (the Slide truck is also adjustable). The result is a playful truck, without bushings, with a horizontal pivot, reactive for carving, less efficient for the most technical moves, and very stable for beginners. An excellent alternative for a board under 200€.

Smoothstar is well known in the USA and well deserves its success. Very close to the old generation YOW S5 system, the SMOOTHSTAR Thruster is THE surf-training truck for training when the ocean is flat. Very good quality gear, with a high level of finish. In fact, the Smoothstar program is quite limited to Surf-Training and less suitable for "all-purpose" use. If the truck allows you to carve with a lot of angle, it lacks force feedback to pump. Not suitable for beginners, recommended for surfers.

Latest arrival at the skate shop, the LONG ISLAND Lean Genesis, an inexpensive truck from the company that also produces YOW surfskates. A simplified version of the YOW Meraki which has its interest in carving. A system that works horizontally, with less pivoting than on the Meraki or C7. Adapted to Carving and light, it is above all very stable and therefore very suitable for beginners who want to go for a ride. A little extra, it works very well in reverse, to finish its 180° in Switch, which will please skatepark enthusiasts. Its high rebound, springless rubber system offers less kickback, but a large angle for carving.

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At ORIGINAL, we find a somewhat exotic truck with a different spring system, dedicated to another type of practice. Trucks not necessarily suitable for the Surfskate, which resembles what is done at Hamboards. Carving level, we therefore reach impossible angles to get closer to a typical snowboarding experience. Another advantage is the ability to regulate your speed well on descents. On the other hand, the Original truck does not allow you to generate power while carving. A system that is not intended for beginners for a first board.

To conclude, we look at another originality, the GULLWING Sidewinder truck. Well known among longboarders with its double Kingpin trucks, the Sidewinder is incomparable with what is made by the competition. Despite everything, we get a truck that offers a lot of angle to carve galore, and turn very short. If we can't consider it as a Surfskate truck, it remains to be tested for lovers of riding and carving.