Surfskate. SMOOTHSTAR is a surfboard brand known for its radical boards, often presented as the reference in surf training. This season, SMOOTHSTAR offers us a new version of its star truck, the Thruster D. Find our video test.

SMOOTHSTAR Surfskates : Thruster D new generation

The Thruster 1, the truck of surfskate swivel of the American brand has a new look and comes back this season under a new name, Thruster D, with major changes that are supposed to deeply modify its behavior. At SMOOTHSTAR the words are out, we talk about Game Changer.

With the help of their team of surfers/testers, the truck has been redesigned to be more solid, offer more adjustments while opening up to a less radical practice than pure "Surf Training".

Luckily, SMOOTHSTAR gave us a board equipped with the new truck Thruster D before anyone else to make our own opinion.

The result of our test in video, it is here :

SMOOTHSTAR Thruster D: New design, new audience

Whether it is YOW, CARVER, LONG ISLAND or SLIDE, each brand of surfboard has its own system of truck. Adjustable or not, with more or less return, etc.

At SMOOTHSTAR, the new Thruster D still has a spring adjustment to change the hardness (which makes it closer to the CARVER C7), and it is announced as offering even more performance in Carving.

With this new, more compact version, the new truck star of SMOOTHSTAR should be suitable for both experienced surfers and surf and surfboard novices, who were previously seduced by boards from other brands.

Visually, at first glance, it is a totally different truck that presents itself to us. Let's see what happens when you get on it.

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SMOOTHSTAR 2023 surfskates: a pure success

After testing, the surprise is total. The new system of truck SMOOTHSTAR is extremely different from what the brand proposed until then.

In terms of sensations, it is very gratifying! We forget the positioning oriented 100% Surf Training for something much more universal, which will speak to a wider range of surfers.

In fact, if the old version of the Thruster resembled what YOW did with the old truck S4, (a very flexible experience, very handy, allowing to turn very tight for ultra-radical moves), we are now closer to a feeling CARVER C7, more accessible to beginners.

The adjustment system also allows to adapt the experience to the user and those who are looking for a very stable and secure surfboard will not be disappointed.

This does not prevent this new truck to offer even more return and therefore even less effort to pump, and still more sensations to send big aggressive turns.

Coupled with SMOOTHSTAR's shape (on this Toledo 32.5") and the classic wheels found on the previous range, we get a mainstream Surfskate, which will meet the expectations of a large community.

The extra wide kicktail is a great idea and offers both a lot of control and a great surf feeling.

If surfing move lovers will quickly opt for a set of slidding wheels, allrounders should appreciate this new version of the SMOOTHSTAR Surfskates for carving, touring and pumptrack use.

On our side, this assembly has bluffed us and we predict the Surfskates SMOOTHSTAR a beautiful year 2023.