The Globe skateboard range is one of the largest and most complete. Globe skate decks are classified by type of construction: G0, G1, G2, G3, etc. Explanations.

Globe skateboards: the different technologies

If we count complete skateboards, children's models and bare decks, the Globe range is nearly a hundred items this year. And that, without even counting the Longboards and Cruisers!

The Australians offer us models dedicated to all types of users, from toddlers to adults, beginners or pros. Depending on the range (G0, G1, G2, G3), there are different options that range from the cheapest (G0) to the most efficient (G3).

We take a look at the different types of technologies and their names.

Skateboards: 5 families to find their way around

  • GLOBE KIDS: the easiest! As its name suggests, this is the shape reserved for kids. It is found on models like the Celestial Growth or the Mt Warning. The KIDS construction is obviously suitable for the lightest, but the construction of the deck is nonetheless identical to real skateboards for adults: Hard Rock Maple (maple) and Trucks Tensor. Note, the "Micro" skateboards have a somewhat special foam grip reserved for the little ones so that they don't hurt themselves or tear their clothes when they fall on it.

  • GLOBE G0: the least expensive range which includes models such as the complete Fubar. G0 models are designed to offer real skateboards at prices under 100€. Delivered with Slant trucks (Aluminium standards), G0 skates are often available in 2 colors to limit the cost of decoration.

  • GLOBE G1: the series of essential skateboards from Globe for a quality board between 90 and 110€. Most of the brand's essentials are G1s: Ablaze, Palm Off, Insigna, Full on or Argo. We find the classic assembly with Hard Rock Maple deck and Tensor Alloy trucks (Alu/Magnesium alloy). Design level, we pass on something more worked than the G0.

  • GLOBE G2: we are starting to get down to business with more complex visual effects such as Rapid Space or Parallel. The G2 skates benefit from Tensor trucks with Kingpin Hollow for more lightness and they are mounted with Conical wheels in 101a for the street. A quality setup for flip trick enthusiasts and advanced skaters.

  • GLOBE G3: The top of the range from Globe with somewhat special Full Concave boards like the Bars that have carbon reinforcements in the deck, at the level of the trucks, to make the board stronger and offer more pop. The completes are mounted with Tensor Magnesium trucks, the top in terms of lightness (all truck brands combined!). All complemented by 101a wheels, Park version. Design level, we touch what is more elaborate on a skate board.

In addition

To be exhaustive, we must address the meaning of the logos that you can find on your board when you buy it.

  • Regrowth: In association with the National Forest Foundation (NFF), Globe is committed to replanting new trees for each tree felled for the construction of the skateboads.
  • Resin-7: The hard-tested, proven maple and epoxy resin construction.
  • Single Deck Press: Each deck is pressed individually to ensure the same feeling on every board.