Shoes. Present in the catalog for many years, shoes like the GLOBE Tilt or Saber equipped an entire generation of skaters before falling slightly into oblivion. Since 2020, these models are back, even stronger with a whole bunch of new colors. We take stock of these monuments of skateboarding and more specifically of the GLOBE Tilt.

GLOBE Tilt : Immortal

We all remember (for the oldest among us) a friend who wore "Tilt like" in college with his huge Baggy. This guy who, 20 years later, hasn't given up on his ideal and who still wears his GLOBE on his feet. But why doesn't he drop the case?

This is GLOBE's specialty. The "big" skate shoes with bubbles and reinforcements everywhere. Once rivaled by OSIRIS or éS, GLOBE is now the champion in this market with its Tilts, but also the Sabers and Fusions.

If today in skateboarding fashion is back to the original VANS, high shoes or city sneakers, there are still Tilt Aficionados that we will never change our minds

.Let's try to understand what makes these shoes special.

GLOBE Tilt : Specs

I think the first thing to notice about the Tilts is their shape. With the 2 other models of GLOBE skate shoes mentioned above, it is a particular style, long symbolic of skate culture, which works like a Proust madeleine on the spirit of old skaters: wearing Tilts , it's staying young forever, it's proudly wearing the banner of skateboarding in a society where the smallest Hollywood starlet can wear a Thrasher sweatshirt.

On the design side, the Tilt has an embossed EVA sole designed with the GLOBE Shockbed Nitrolite formula, a resistant and light rubber.

The S-Trac (lower) sole with its small flower-shaped reliefs offers both super grip and excellent cushioning. With its 2 cm thickness, it is also an argument of choice for fans of "sliding braking" or BMX. At the front of the foot, the combo with the reinforcement makes the Tilt an armored skate shoe.

The top of the collar and the rear part are reinforced with a plastic material, coupled with Nubuck which makes everything particularly solid and resistant on ollies and flip tricks.

The tongue is super padded.

The laces and the parts that are neither leather nor nubuck are made of RPET, recycled polyethylene terephthalate, the 100% recyclable plastic of plastic bottles.

The lace passages are reinforced with metal eyelets.

Skate shoes Globe Tilt Test

GLOBE Tilt : Test

If in theory, the GLOBE Tilt may seem more solid than most of their competitors, what is it really in practice?

Board feel. As far as the feeling is concerned, we won't go any further as it's a sensitive subject and specific to each skater. On our side, if half of the people questioned consider that it is an excellent model for skating, the other half rather opts for ultra-lite models (Slip-on, VANS Era) and would not choose the Tilt by default.

Nevertheless, everyone agrees on one point, the GLOBE Tilts are extremely comfortable. The padded and very soft collar and the sole does a great job.

Protection. Protection level, the GLOBE Tilt clearly offer a high level of protection against blows and good support on twists. If the ankle protection does not reach the level of a VANS Sk8-Hi, the fact remains that the GLOBE Tilt protects the foot very well.

Solidity. We all know that skateboarding is a nemesis for shoes. The worst enemy of the shoe! As such, any skate shoe always ends up losing its battle against the grip of the board.

Despite everything, on this subject, the GLOBE Tilts are champions with an overall durability superior to most skate shoes on sale at the store. The sole acts as a shield and the shape of the shoe protects the side on heelflips. The plastic reinforcements on the collar and the eyelets of the laces finish the job of protection, especially for those who rub higher.

Overall, the chunky sole acts as a first bulwark and helps focus wear on the hard parts first. The additional reinforcements on the tip of the foot and the collar intervene in the second curtain, which gives a good idea of ​​the robustness of the Tilt.

If it's not equivalent to the GLOBE Saber (the best of the best in terms of robustness), it's still very well placed and not far from the podium, all models combined.

Sole. One of the great particularities of the Tilts are the soles. First of all, the adhesion argument is indeed valid, even if in fact the result is comparable to the VANS Wafflecup, the result is there. On the other hand, it is at the level of durability that the concept hits the mark. Put to the test by real relentless "sole eaters", the Tilt resists super well over time to the point of being able to claim a place on the podium again.

GLOBE Tilt : Verdict

Let's keep it short, the GLOBE Tilt are excellent skate shoes, very comfortable and durable. The sole offers very good protection and allows the Tilt to position itself as a model of durability.

Those looking for a very resistant model to limit costs can give it a try, especially professional sole holers.

In the radius of the disadvantages, we will especially note the overall size of the shoe, which will put off some of them even before having really put them to the test. It is necessarily a little heavier than DC Trase or ETNIES Joslin, but you have to know what you want.

On a daily basis, the GLOBE Tilt is very pleasant for walking. Note that this model is not very suitable for summer in hot regions where the large padded tongue and the multiple reinforcements keep you very warm.

Finally, those who still doubt that it is possible to do tricks easily with this type of shoe refer to Rodney Mullen's part in the GLOBE Opinion video to definitively close the debate (a valid argument also with Gershon Mosley or Chet Thomas).

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