Series fans know what we're talking about, the Netflix "blockbuster" in 4 seasons (for the moment) which delights adults of the 80s generation and all potential NERDs, and other board game fans.

Stranger Things has been the video phenomenon of the last few years, and as a lucky person never comes alone, skate brands are now rushing into the portal to offer us particularly stylish special collections.

This week, Santa Cruz is getting ready to ship the brand new skateboard decks (decks and completes) as well as some ST tribute cruisers.

The eternal "Screaming Hand" and "Classic Dot" logos are revisited for the occasion on complete skates and cruisers, with the added bonus of a superb version of Rob Roskopp's Old Skool skate, in "Upside Down" mode.

Even more original, the series of 4 trays (one for each season) teeming with references that Fans will be delighted to dissect. All working as a whole, the decks can be glued together to form a highly insane tableau!

And that's not all!

To conclude, Santa Cruz adds two cherries to the cake with somewhat special limited editions of the Old Skool Roskopp and Kendall boards, in "Lenticular" mode, like playing cards: the logo changes when you move the board!!!

Given the care taken in this Collab collection", it is not surprising that the skates meet with immense success: trucks and Slime Balls wheels mismatched between the normal world and "the other world, historical Logos revisited with Stranger Things sauce, etc

For fans of the series, the Collab is a great tribute gift, very much in the vein of the original medium, filled with reference and little hidden details.

For the others... Book your evenings of the week, and go watch Stranger Things.

Santa Cruz x Stanger Things