Surfskate. Surfskate is more than ever in the spotlight with the arrival of the nice days! To celebrate this, we got our hands on a whole bunch of exceptional offers on the biggest brands: CARVER, ARBOR x CARVER, YOW, SMOOTHSTAR or LONG ISLAND.

Exceptional promotions on the Surfskates !

It's the big trend of the moment. And to accompany the new practitioners in the acquisition of their first board of Surfskate, we decided to offer promotions on a big part of the range, history to put a foot in the sport... without ruining itself!

From this month of May, find promotions on the boards of Surfskates CARVER (all the range CX), the collab' ARBOR x CARVER, the inescapable Surfskates YOW (18 boards of the range 2022), SMOOTHSTAR (Barracouda Thruster I for the children), LANDYACHTZ and LONG ISLAND (equipped with the "Surf Truck" for a polyvalent practice)

Models for all skaters, novices or pros, big or small, surfers or... not surfers.

OK, but which Surfskate to choose?

It's true that in the lot, it's hard to choose.

First of all, we refer you to our surfboard buying guides to help you decide.

The selection of boards on offer offers a good mix of the different options available with truck C7, CX, Meraki S5, Surf Truck (LONG ISLAND and LANDYACHTZ). There is something for everyone!

If you still have trouble deciding, we invite you to watch our video where we present all the models of trucks from surfskate. You're welcome ;)

The selection of Surfskates in promotion

To help you, we have gathered here the different ranges of trucks as well as their characteristics and prices. If you still have doubts about choosing your board, contact us!


This is the truck articulated from the CARVER range, one of the most popular models for surfing. The classic experience for pumping and SurfStyle. In doubt, for an adult, the truck CARVER C7 is one of the two models of trucks (with the YOW Meraki) most popular with our customers.

To be found mounted with ARBOR chainrings and wheels, all for an unprecedented price, up to -25%. At this price, you can go with your eyes closed!


The other star of trucks from surfskate, more playful, but not adjustable. A reference for the Surf style, hyper fluid for carver, and ideal for the pumptrack. The truck YOW Meraki system is offered here in its S5 version (5mm spring), the most common and the most adapted to adults who are looking for a minimum of stability and return in carving.

A super wide selection of boards, of all sizes, and with all types of shapes. Overview :


The truck non-articulated CARVER. But don't think that it's boring! The CX is the versatile version for the multi-stylists: carving park , bowl, pump. The CX is available instead of the C7 on all boards of the CARVER range.

We offer it at 25% off on a selection of boards, and 15% off on the TRITON by Carver range. That's historic!


Under this name, the brands LONG ISLAND and LANDYACHTZ offer a range of boards inspired by the CARVER CX, with a very playful non-pivoting tuck for pumping, cruising and other disciplines. A maxi Fun alternative to all cruisers, that we offer you today at prices straight out of a dream: up to -52,5% on the LONG ISLAND range!

So you can get equipped without breaking the bank, and discover surfskate with a new board... for the price of a deck!