Skateboard. SANTA CRUZ hits the nail on the head with its new series of blind bags, featuring one of the best-loved video game franchises of all time: POKEMON!


After the limited edition reissue of the Natas Kaupas, SANTA CRUZ is releasing its new Blind Bag on September 13, in association with the famous video game saga: Pokemon.

The concept is now well known: a sealed opaque bag containing one of 20 uniquely decorated skateboard boards featuring a Pokemon from the original games. Among these twenty models, 15 boards in the Holo Foil (shiny) version and 5 very rare variants, in the Gold (gilded) version, published in only 50 copies per character.

Enough to delight collectors and fans of the animated series!

> Discover the Blind Bag SANTA CRUZ x POKEMON

Pokedex : Search for a Pokemon

Salamèche or Bulbizarre? Carapuce or Pikachu? What's your favorite Pokemon?

18 Pokemon characters (among the 151 from the first generation) are represented on the decks, including: Pikachu (1 Holo + 1 Gold), Dracofeu (1 Holo + 1 Gold), the stars Carapuce, Bulbizarre and Salamèche, as well as their first and second evolutions, Magicarpe and Evoli, and a few original characters such as Mew, Mewtwo, Leviator and even Mimikyu.

Older Pokemon fans may wonder what language I'm speaking in, but Pokemon fans will recognize the saga's most emblematic creatures!

A small range of clothing will also be available at the skateshop for the occasion: hoodies, t-shirts and caps.

Magicarpe! Attack Trempette!

Pokemon Santa Cruz

Trays at skater... or not

While this type of series is generally dedicated to collectors and fans, the more adventurous will still be able to skater their SANTA CRUZ decks, which will all be the same size: 8" x 31.6".

Those who come across the Gold version decks are advised to think twice before shooting them...

Given the price (€139 incl. VAT), it seems more likely that the decks will end up on the wall, but you never know... Skating your Pokemon limited edition deck takes some doing!

Skate Santa Cruz Pokemon