Longboard Dancing. The new version of the LOADED Tarab is coming! The opportunity to celebrate with a video of Lotfi Lamaali!

LOADED Tarab 2

Dancing lovers dream of it at night. Perfect curves, a sublime body and a huge... pop!

Longer and reinforced than the LOADED Mata Hari, the LOADED Tarab is the reference for Dancing and Freestyle and the worthy representative of the discipline after the unchallenged reign of Bhangra.

Released in 2019, the Tarab arrives in a new revamped version which includes a few small improvements, and which synthesizes all of LOADED's know-how in terms of longboard deck design.

If the recipe hardly changes (despite some new foods:), this Tarab 2 remains the brand's new flagship in terms of construction. With its reinforcements in the kicktails, its integrated grab rails, its Bamboo/Resin construction and its cork finish, the LOADED Tarab 2 is a monument of performance, comfort and durability.

To celebrate the release of its new longboard board, LOADED takes us on a trip to Santa Monica, with its French ambassador/dancer/freestyler Lotfi Lamaali who shows us in a superb video what the LOADED Tarab 2 has in store, and in wheels...