Longboard. New arrival at LOADED this season, the Chinchiller has just arrived at the skateshop. We make the point on the last longboard of the brand in video.

LOADED Chinchiller : the new offering from the Californian brand

It's here, and we don't even dare hope for it. In fact, we didn't even see it coming.

However, LOADED is pleased to release its new Chinchiller just before the summer season, for our greatest pleasure.

But, what exactly is this new longboard? And why this name that will necessarily be remixed into Chinchilla?

Some of the answers to all your questions about the LOADED Chinchiller can be found in our video:

A longboard to convince them all!

For the record, Chinchiller is a contraction of two words: Chin (for Kyle Chin) the designer of the board, and Chiller (for chillin', or rider ).

In fact, this is what LOADED is trying to do this spring with this new Chinchiller 34". The color is announced: the LOADED Chinchiller is the longboard for those who want a playful, light and compact board for carving and pumping, for those who like a cool cruising, who don't mind a little spice thanks to the double kicktails, and for those who ride with a slightly flexy deck for comfort, but not too much either, for technical tricks and slides.

But then, is it true? Has LOADED managed to achieve this exceptional compromise that will seduce a huge range of skaters and longboarders?

LOADED Chinchiller: set details

On closer inspection, the LOADED Chinchiller stands out from the rest of the brand's boards primarily because of its size.

At 34" long, it could have been considered a very short board. But with the demand for shorter and shorter longboards to ride around town and touch everything, this was the first thing LOADED had to do. The Chinchiller 34 is compact, and as a result, its wheelbase is quite small (21") since the symmetrical deck leaves room for two kicktails. This is clearly a street experience, with a short deck that works both ways, and dual kicktails for tricks, bowling, or just Ollies to get past curbs and other manuals.

The deck has a slight rocker, which is great for foot-locking and getting in a few angry sessions without having to worry about losing control. The LOADED Chinchiller is also stable at high speeds, thanks to its shape, which also makes it easier to push.

As for the design and finish, as usual, we are not disappointed. With its composite construction: laminated bamboo core (vertically), sandwiched in a triaxial fiberglass and epoxy coating (bio), this LOADED Chinchiller is light (1.4 kg for the deck alone) while offering a subtle flex. And it looks great too!

Should I fall for this LOADED Chinchiller?

LOADED continues to explore new facets by expanding its range to cruising and street (Omakase, Coyote) and surfskate (Bolsa).

This time, the Californian brand tackles a growing demand in the longboard world: a very versatile, but demanding board.

If this LOADED Chinchiller is primarily aimed at riders experienced riders who can get the most out of it, it is also a great board for beginners to move around and leave open a maximum of doors so as not to deprive yourself of any practice.

The classic setup (150mm PARIS Trucks + ORANGATANG Love Handles wheels) is perfectly adapted to a Chilling program (hence the Chin-Chiller') but this board can also be used for a more technical program by modifying the setup, especially the wheels.

The big rollers, who pass some tricks from freestyle, who are comfortable in slide and who are looking for their everyday longboard to move will find a nice companion in this Chinchiller.

Beginner longboarders looking for a board to start riding, learn to slide, and why not reserve a few more aggressive sessions will find a great ally to progress.