Interview. HLC is the biggest skateboard factory in Europe and one of the top players on the skateboard market. Close-up on the group's brands during the visit of its founder to the skateshop.

HLC : Made in Europe

HLC is the biggest skateboard manufacturer in Europe and one of the biggest in the world. With flagship brands such as PLAN B, JART, FLIP, TRICKS or SK8MAFIA in its catalog, it is one of the key players in the skateboarding industry street, but not only. HLC also has a central place on other universes with in particular the LONG ISLAND longboards or the famous YOW surfskates.

Located just a few minutes from the French border, in the Spanish Basque Country, the HLC factory is a modern jewel born a little over 20 years ago thanks to three brothers who are passionate about skateboarding and are still at the helm today.

The team of pro skateboarders of HLC brands are among the best in the world with boys like Gustavo Ribeiro or Aurélien Giraud!

Meeting with the Boss of HLC

On the occasion of his visit to the skateshop OUTSIDE, we took the opportunity to ask some questions to the boss of HLC, Ander Iraola, quietly installed in the armchairs of the shop.

He tells us about the history of his factory and the arrival and evolution of the Surfskate in recent years with the brand YOW.

We also discuss the issue of local production with the example of this family that has managed to become a major player in the world of skateboarding by staying at home, in the Basque country, where all products are now manufactured, from wheels to decks, through the trucks and grip.