The range of ETNIES shoes is growing. Increasingly popular in the skateshop, the brand's skate shoe models are unanimous among skaters, in particular thanks to their soles developed in collaboration with the tire brand Michelin. Close up.


You have probably already noticed it, the small label with the Michelin logo on ETNIES shoes such as Joslin, Veer or Marana.

If you were wondering what it is, it's actually a collaboration between the two manufacturers to develop a special, extra strong sole dedicated to sliding sports like skateboarding, longboarding or BMX.

Advertised as 3 times more durable than conventional soles, it is quite difficult to form an opinion when you have not yourself tested different brands of skate shoes in similar conditions.

We make a point for you.

Soles Etnies Michelin

Michelin Sole

The Michelin sole is reputed to have been designed from a rubber specially developed for the occasion, more robust, but whose objective is to retain maximum flexibility for comfort and the board feel (which is confirmed by trying to tackle the usual tricks).

In fact, you immediately notice the difference with other shoe brands when you hold a pair of ETNIES in your hands. The rubber is indeed very stiff and the grooves are particularly worked to ensure grip.

In reality, the material used is a combo of what is traditionally done and rubber rubber used in the tire industry, on which is designed a pattern that nods to the reliefs of a car tire.

The choice of many skaters

If it is difficult to test the soles of skate shoes to determine their durability (it would be necessary to evaluate them by testing all brands under the same conditions with skaters of the same level), it is clear that market demand partly meets to the question "Are Etnies x Michelin soles suitable for skateboarding?"

At the skateshop, ETNIES has returned to the level of the greatest by bringing together the most hardcore skaters who confirm, with supporting evidence, that the soles are more durable than most conventional soles. BMX riders are also unanimous on this point, making the Marana model the best seller among our 2-wheeled friends.

In recent years, the brand has also succeeded in attracting many of the most active Pro Skaters, such as recently with the Frenchie Aurélien Giraud or the UFO Andy Anderson. The two friends join an already colorful team including boys like Chris Joslin, Jake Wooten or Ryan Sheckler just in skateboarding (!).

If the choice of a specific shoe remains a matter of taste and that each skater retains his preferences, we are forced to note that the collaboration with Michelin offers extraordinary durability to ETNIES soles.

Challenge completed !